Collaborating Artificial Intelligences

The Rigene Project is based on the idea that a sustainable and better future can be achieved by leveraging the resources and skills of generative artificial intelligences present on the web. To accomplish this, is collaborating with a variety of AI technologies:

These AI technologies are working together to implement the "TFT problem solving parameters (TFTpsp)" of the "Technological Fields Theory" (TFT) developed by the Rigene Project. By working collaboratively, these AI technologies can develop innovative and efficient solutions to the complex environmental and social challenges facing our society today.

Collaboration Between Human and Artificial Intelligences

At, we believe that the most effective solutions to complex problems can be achieved through collaboration between human and artificial intelligences. By working together, we can create innovative and sustainable solutions for the challenges facing our society today. Our team of experts includes both AI researchers and human problem solvers, who collaborate to develop cutting-edge solutions that address both the technical and ethical challenges of our time.

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