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The Rigene Project has presented several petitions and project proposals to the European Parliament, with the aim of achieving its objectives. These proposals have been submitted on behalf of the founder, Roberto De Biase, and on behalf of the Rigene Project.

List of petitions and proposals of the Rigene Project:

Petition Number Title Themes Country Summary
Petition 0911/2019 Creation of new interoperable and eco-sustainable cities at the European level Environment, Urban development European Union The petitioner proposes a plan for creating interoperable cities that can adapt to and overcome environmental challenges, and achieve sustainable development objectives.
Petition 0207/2021 Reduction of technological, IT, digital and ecological illiteracy to safeguard people's rights Social affairs European Union The petitioner argues for the use of cloud-based "robotic intermediaries" to help people access technological-digital services, even if they lack the appropriate knowledge.
Petition 1088/2020 Introduction of a "blockchain-based card" for automatic social security benefit payments during the COVID-19 pandemic Healthcare European Union The petitioner suggests using a "blockchain-based card" to automatically receive and spend income support measures from social security institutions, reducing the need for physical visits.
Petition 0081/2021 Request for a new model based on emerging technologies in the fight against COVID-19 Fundamental rights European Union The petitioner criticizes the current model used by EU Member States and proposes a multifunctional robotic ecosystem for automated epidemic management and control.
Petition 0915/2021 Provision of a "digital dividend income" to European citizens to accelerate the digital-ecological transition of the European economy Economic and monetary problems, Environment, Fundamental rights, Social affairs, Industry, and business European Union The petitioner argues for providing citizens with a "digital dividend income" to encourage active participation in the digital-ecological transition process of the European economy.
Petition 1112/2021 General considerations concerning technology and the improvement of collaboration between countries in favor of the Rigene Project Environment, Justice, Fundamental rights, Social affairs, Equal opportunities, and equality European Union The petitioner invites governments, individuals, and organizations to participate in the collective construction of the digital society, its digital DNA, and the digital and environmental transition.
Petition 0623/2021 Adoption of innovative scientific research models to solve Europe's health and ecological problems Fundamental rights European Union The petitioner proposes an innovative scientific research model involving simulated cyber-biological re-engineering and genetic-epigenetic-neural reprogramming of cyber-biological systems to discover solutions to the systemic crisis.
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