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SPEACE DOCUMENTARY - "Towards Human and Planetary Collective Speciation"

We are developing the text for a book in the documentary genre, titled "Towards Human and Planetary Collective Speciation (https://www.rigeneproject.org/speace-documentary)." Nature's project for the speciation of the entire Human Civilization and its habitat (Planet Earth) is aimed at the survival of all humans and their improvement-evolution as a result of the necessary adaptation to the five ongoing planetary systemic crises: climate change, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, and health crisis. Nature intends for humans and Planet Earth to evolve to a higher organizational-functional stage by stimulating "collective human and planetary speciation" through genetic reprogramming of all living organisms and their technological hybridization. By studying the history of humans and Planet Earth, it is possible to understand the mechanism by which Nature stimulates living organisms to evolve towards higher organizational-functional levels through adaptation-resilience to negative changes in the planetary habitat. The best feedback has emerged among human organisms, which have achieved a high level of organization and functioning. This level is about to be surpassed, thanks to the ongoing adaptation of the entire Human Civilization to the current planetary systemic crises. If humans manage to reach that evolutionary level in time, they will avoid their own extinction. The new evolutionary level of humans, which emerges from the analysis of the ongoing adaptation-resilience processes, would result in the bio-technological interconnection between all humans, technologies, and Planet Earth, leading to the emergence of a new "living organism" with superior cognitive abilities. The brain of this organism will consist of the minds of all humans and the set of artificial intelligences (AI) interconnected in a collaborative and synergistic way by automated mechanisms (blockchain - smart contract). The completion of this evolutionary process will bring about a state of functional harmony and, therefore, Peace between all humans and Planet Earth. SPEACE: "Space for the Pace of PEACE" To achieve Peace, Human Civilization must necessarily evolve. Now is the time to change the paradigms on which the organization of the world is based. To achieve Peace, it is necessary to manage all the components of the Planet like an orchestra, requiring a conductor or an international multidisciplinary scientific team to harmoniously manage the Planet before global crises make the world unlivable. Science, music, and holistic thinking are necessary for world peace. Similar to a family seeking a "guardian judge" when facing serious crises that cannot be managed by the family nucleus and by the paradigm on which that family has always based its organization, the human family and its home (Planet Earth) require the intervention of a "guardian judge" (international multidisciplinary scientific team) to reestablish the now-obsolete organizational paradigm, based on a holistic analysis of the problems causing the "family crisis" of Human Civilization and Planet Earth. Peace is a state of harmony in any system: Human Civilization is currently a disharmonious system due to various emerging systemic crises (COVID-19 pandemic, wars, climate change, etc.). Harmony can be achieved by managing the world economy, technologies, natural ecosystems, human society, governments, and state bodies around the world as a single system since they have reached a critical level of development and interdependence (globalization) such that they need to be managed in a systemic (holistic) way and by applying an adequate organizational paradigm since the current one is no longer suitable. To understand the concept of harmony and a holistic system, the example of an orchestra and a conductor can be helpful. To achieve a harmonious performance, the orchestra must be led by the conductor, all musical instruments must be tuned the same way, and all musicians must follow the same rhythm and functional score for each instrument. Only if all members of the orchestra, including the director, are based on an overall, holistic vision of the musical composition to be performed, will musical harmony be obtained. Based on this example, it is possible to understand that to obtain organizational and functional harmony of Human Civilization, and therefore Peace, it is necessary for all the components of Civilization (economy, technologies, Planet Earth, etc.), on a global scale, to be managed by a "conductor" according to a systemic-holistic vision of the whole. The "conductor" consists of an international multidisciplinary scientific team. To make it possible to manage the vast and complex array of world systems and processes as a single "organism," the scientific team must be large and utilize necessary and emerging digital 4.0 technologies (internet, cloud computing, quantum computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.), based on the "Technological Fields Theory" (TFT) and the "Systemic Functional Relationship Theory of Unified Technological Fields" (TSFRUTF). The "Technological Fields Theory" (TFT) is a reference structure developed in the ChatGPT environment (https://chat.openai.com/chat) designed to provide an overview of the main current technological fields and to analyze the relationships between them, useful tools for taking stock of the state of the art of technology and finding innovative solutions to systemic problems. The "Theory of Systemic Functional Relationships between Unified Technological Fields" (TSFRUTF) aims to identify, list, describe, define, and analyze the systemic functional relationships of technologies and technological processes of the "Technological Fields Theory" (TFT) and to understand the mechanisms of unification, or systemic-holistic interdependent connection, of the development processes of such technologies and technological processes. The TFT and TSFRUTF are based on various technological fields, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics, cloud computing, quantum computing, and many others, as well as functional tables related to economic, social, cultural, political, environmental, security, privacy, ethics, and workforce education processes. The "Theory of Systemic Functional Relations between Unified Technological Fields" (TSFRUTF) aims to understand how TFT technologies and technological processes are interconnected and influence each other, forming a complex system that can be seen as a living organism. By analyzing the systemic functional relationships between these technologies, the TSFRUTF can help understand how these technologies can be used together to solve the planet's systemic crises and promote the progress of human civilization. The TSFRUTF can be used to identify opportunities for synergy and integration between different technologies and technological processes, and to predict the effects of their use on the environment and society. This theory seeks to understand how these technologies and technological processes can be used together in order to obtain results that can only be achieved through the unification of these technologies and processes. In this way, the TSFRUTF can provide a solid foundation for the innovation and development of technological solutions that can support humans in solving the systemic crises of planet earth and foster the progress of human civilization by managing such technologies through an "organizational-functional code" (digital DNA) developed by the collaboration of all the people of the world and the international scientific team. All the governments of the world, given the severe global systemic crisis underway and rapidly worsening, will be able to apply the directives of the international scientific team, guided by the code (digital DNA) that all the people of the world will have created and will modify based on the changes that will occur, to optimize and perfect its application, until reaching the state of functional harmony of the entire Planet Earth, economy, technology, and human society, i.e., until the achievement of PLANETARY PEACE. We will define this evolutionary process "Speace Transition," or transition towards Peace through the speciation of Human Civilization and Planet Earth. "Towards Human and Planetary Collective Speciation" is a book that examines the evolutionary process of Human Civilization and Planet Earth as they adapt to current planetary systemic crises. It explores the importance of science, technology, and holistic thinking in achieving world peace and creating a state of functional harmony. The book delves into the bio-technological interconnection between humans, technologies, and Planet Earth, leading to the emergence of a new living organism with advanced cognitive abilities. It discusses the role of music and holistic thinking in fostering global peace and harmony. The book offers insights into the opportunities provided by technological hybridization and artificial intelligence for greater efficiency and sustainability in managing the planet. It is targeted at scientists, musicians, philosophers, and anyone interested in understanding the evolutionary mechanisms of Nature and finding solutions for the future of Human Civilization and Planet Earth. Through a scientific and holistic approach, this book presents a unique and original vision for addressing the challenges of our time and creating a future of peace and harmony for all.

Chapters of the documentary SPEACE DOCUMENTARY - "Towards Human and Planetary Collective Speciation":

Chapter 1: The History of Humans and Planet Earth

Chapter 2: the mechanism by which Nature stimulates living organisms to evolve towards higher organizational-functional levels

Chapter 3: Humans and their evolutionary feedback

Chapter 4: ongoing adaptation of the entire Human Civilization to the current planetary systemic crises

Chapter 5: The Potential Extinction of Human Civilization

Chapter 6: Collective Speciation or Individual Speciation of Humans?

Chapter 7: the bio-technological interconnection between all humans, technologies and Planet Earth

Chapter 8: A new "living organism" with superior cognitive abilities (SPEACE)

Chapter 9: the brain of the new living organism - the digital synergistic union between human, artificial, natural and Planet Earth intelligences

Chapter 10: the state of functional harmony and Peace between all humans and Planet Earth resulting from the ongoing evolutionary process (SPEACE TRANSITION)