Join our collaboration to create a sustainable future through technological innovation with the TFT-15 parameter.

Title Description
TFT-15 Parameter: A New Era of Sustainability - Redesigning Planet Earth, Economy, Technology, and Human Civilization (NES-TFT) The TFT-15 parameter, "A New Era of Sustainability: Redesigning Planet Earth, Economy, Technology, and Human Civilization" (NES-TFT), serves as a guiding principle for projects, ideas, and initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable future using the TFT Problem Solving Parameters (TFTpsp) as a foundation. This holistic approach addresses the environmental, economic, and social challenges facing humanity and focuses on transforming the underlying systems and structures.

Key aspects of NES-TFT include:
  • Circular Economy: Developing and implementing new technologies and systems that promote efficient resource use, reduction of waste and pollution, and the reuse and recycling of materials.
  • Social and Economic Sustainability: Addressing poverty, inequality, and social injustice through policies and programs supporting the well-being and empowerment of all people, and developing new economic models prioritizing social and environmental sustainability.
  • Clean and Renewable Energy: Promoting the development and use of clean, renewable energy sources, and advanced technologies that can reduce environmental impacts and improve resource efficiency.
  • Democratic and Transparent Governance: Encouraging the development of new governance systems that are democratic, transparent, accountable, and capable of addressing complex, interconnected global challenges.
The TFT-15 parameter ensures that all projects align with the vision of a cleaner, healthier environment, a fairer and more transparent economy, a more connected and automated world, and a more collaborative, equitable, and peaceful society. Furthermore, it identifies areas requiring further research and development to achieve the desired goals while ensuring that solutions are effective, efficient, and sustainable. Overall, the NES-TFT parameter, grounded in the Technological Fields Theory (TFT) and TFT Problem Solving Parameters (TFTpsp), provides a comprehensive approach to creating a sustainable future for the planet, economy, technology, and human civilization by emphasizing ethical and responsible development and use of technologies and processes.
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